5 Advantages of Solar Energy Compared to Conventional Energy

At the end of October, COP26, the 26th UN summit on climate change, takes place in Glasgow. Here, country leaders and other experts will discuss how to adhere to environmental and sustainable living commitments signed up to under the Paris Agreement. High on the agenda will be discussions on renewable energy sources and clean energy. Solar, wind and biomass power are all big news right now. In particular, advantages of solar energy are plentiful, especially when compared to conventional sources, such as coal or gas.This it is providing a viable alternative solution to using finite fossil fuels to power our homes and businesses.

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Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar technology is one of the more established, fastest growing and proven renewable energy sources. Multiple homes and businesses have wide range of photovoltaic panels installed and are powering lighting, heating and commercial operations using the technology. As the process develops, the energy gathering will become even more effective. It will allow us to take greater and greater advantages of solar energy as a powerful energy course. Here are five major advantages of solar energy to consider, compared to conventional power sources.

1. Sustainability

Solar power is renewable and diverse, able to be used for heating and to generate electricity. Therefore it offers excellent sustainability credentials. More advantages of solar energy around sustainability include the fact that it operates all year round, maximising the energy produced and helping to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, even during winter months. Developing solar power technology now will benefit future generations, rather than compromise their quality of life by using up valuable, finite resources. It also produces far fewer greenhouse gases, making for a much smaller carbon footprint.

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2. Cost

Once you have installed the photovoltaic panels, solar batteries for storage and equipment needed to set up a solar panel system, the associated energy bills become significantly lower than continuing to use fossil fuels to power a business or home. Energy prices are rising as we head into winter and this looks set to continue in 2022. Solar power lowers electricity bills due to reduced reliance on the National Grid. The ability to store excess electricity generated during the day for use at night or in adverse weather conditions also helps keep costs down.

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3. Pollution Levels

One of the main advantages of solar energy is the lack of pollution it generates and does not impact on the environment. Like wind and tidal power, the source is clean and doesn’t produce the harmful emissions that coal, oil or gas can. Global targets to reduce greenhouse gases are firmly in place, leading to a surge of interest in solar power and other technologies that do not put air quality at risk. Conversely, the polluting effects of conventional energy are well documented. Exhaust fumes from diesel-fuelled cars and vans, emissions from coal- or gas-powered factories and the effects of heavy jumbo jets flying long distances all form large parts of the current pollution problem.

4. Availability

A key point about fossil fuels is that they are, by their very nature, finite. One day we will have burned our last coal deposit and extracted the final drop of oil. Other key advantages of solar energy are , it show no sign of ‘running out; anytime soon and available in wider areas. What’s more, fossil fuels need to be located, extracted and processed, sometimes in more than one place. The need to transport them to where they are needed adds to the planet’s carbon footprint and complicates the supply chain.

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Sunlight falls across a much wider percentage of the Earth, the wind blows freely and around 71% of the world is made up of water. So long as the technology can be built and installed to access these free resources, renewable energy can be generated over a far wider area.

5. Future-Proof Technology

You only have to take a look at the climate change priorities due to be discussed at COP26 to see that conventional energy could well have had its day. Serious investment is being made into finding more viable, less harmful ways to power our homes, businesses, factories and vehicles. The recent awarding of the inaugural Earthshot Prize by Prince William at London’s Alexandra Palace reveals the huge amount of money available for investing in technology to create more sustainable energy solutions. All these advantages of solar energy reflects how important solar power is going to be in the near future.