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SHARP 425w NU-JC425B

High Product Reliability

Sharp 425W NU-JC425B Solar Panel: Ideal for Residential and Commercial Use

The Sharp NU-JC425B solar panel combines aesthetics with high performance, designed for both residential and commercial rooftops. This 425Wp panel features a sleek black design and top-tier technology, ensuring durability and efficient energy production.

Key Highlights:

High Efficiency: 21.76% module efficiency with 108 half-cell M10 wafer design.
Advanced Technology: 16 busbar technology and a temperature coefficient of -0.300%/°C for enhanced power gain.
Durable: Passes tests for PID resistance, salt mist, ammonia, and sand/dust, with certifications like VDE IEC/EN 61215 + IEC/EN61730.
Guarantees: 25 years product guarantee in select regions, 12 years globally, and a 30-year linear power output guarantee.
The Sharp 425W NU-JC425B is a blend of reliability, efficiency, and quality, making it a smart choice for energy-conscious installations.

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