Sustainable Living and Cleaner Electricity: Five Eco-Benefits of Solar Roof Tiles

Solar power has proven to offer many benefits to homeowners and businesses across the UK in recent years. From lower energy bills to a reduced carbon footprint, it appears that switching to more renewable ways to power, heat and light property has a lot going for it. There are many benefits of solar roof tiles installation. Installing solar roof tiles is a straightforward and effective way to introduce renewable energy into a home or commercial enterprise.

Solar power needs a large, flat area with regular, direct exposure to the sun. Fitting solar tiles to a roof is an obvious solution. Plus, it can help with the aesthetics of the system if the tiles can be placed in an unobtrusive way, rather than standing out visually for miles.

Eco- Benefits of Solar Roof Tiles

Installing solar roof tiles is easy to do and, after initial installation costs, can be a cost-effective way to generate electricity for use in a business or home, 24/7. More people are waking up to the damage that relying solely on fossil fuels is doing to our planet. As a result, the sustainable, eco-friendly benefits of solar power are making more and more sense to people interested in finding a cleaner way to generate electricity. Here are five benefits of solar roof tiles when added to your property that can help both you and the wider world.

Are Solar Tiles a Good Investment - benefits of Solar Roof Tiles

1. Cleaner, Renewable Electricity

Solar roof tiles use photovoltaic technology to harness the energy generated by the sun. As the sun’s rays hit the tiles, the photovoltaic cells inside them convert solar energy into usable DC electricity, via a solar inverter. The cells work all the time that they are being exposed to powerful enough sunshine for the process to kick into action.

They do not require any external power sources or fuel to work. The electricity they produce can either be used straight away to power the property connected to the solar roof tiles or stored for future use. This can reduce a business or household’s usage of finite fossil fuels, such as gas and oil in favour of clean, renewable electricity. It also lessens its reliance on the National Grid.

2. Effective Use of Existing Resources

Choosing to install solar tiles on the roof makes excellent use of a flat surface that has already been built. So long as the roof is in direct sight of the sun, it can be the perfect location for solar tiles that require direct exposure to solar rays to work. No additional resources need to be taken to build a special area for the tiles to go. The tiles themselves are easy to install and normally require no additional support structures or fossil fuel involvement to start generating solar power straight away. Choosing an existing roof also means that there is no need to remove any surrounding garden or green landscape areas to place the solar tiles.

benefits of Solar Roof Tiles

3. Wildlife Friendly

Since the solar tiles are installed safely up on a roof, surrounding habitats and ecosystems will remain largely unaffected when they are fitted and set to work. The electricity produced is completely renewable, which lessens global pressure on coal, gas and oil. In turn, this helps to safeguard wildlife that is disrupted and threatened by the mining and extraction work required to access these finite fossil fuels. Electricity generated by solar energy does not produce pollution, unlike coal and oil, which produce harmful emissions when burned that have a detrimental effect on wildlife.

4. Sustainable Lifestyle

Installing solar roof tiles is a straightforward, easy and relatively inexpensive way to strengthen a household’s commitment to sustainable living. Not using as many finite fossil fuels to power a property also helps reduce a family or business’ carbon footprint. These targets are key elements of combatting climate change and can make a big difference over the longer term. Switching to solar roof tiles can also be combined with other eco-friendly lifestyle choices to make an even greater difference. For example, recycling and reusing products in the home, resolving to fly fewer miles by plane and avoiding single-use plastics as much as possible.

House Roof with Solar Panels

5. Solar Energy Design and the Next Generation

Last, but by no means least, one of the benefits of solar roof tiles installations is a great way to inspire future generations. Children living in the home, or passing by can see what a solar power system looks like and how it can fit into the daily running of a business or home. They can also see for themselves how much electricity is generated and used in the property and how any surplus can be stored, awaiting use when the sun is not shining quite so powerfully, or at all such as at night. Investment in solar roof tiles is going to yield good returns in future.