Sofar Hybrid Inverters

Sofar Solar Hybrid Inverters

This is our preferred inverter when installing solar and a battery at the same time. Instead of having an inverter and a separate battery management unit this has everything all in one compact unit. We use Pylontech 2.4kWh Lithium Ion batteries with this, our standard system includes one 2.4kWh but additional batteries can easily be installed either on installation or at anytime in the future, giving you the option to monitor your new system for a period of time and make an informed decision if extra capacity is necessary.

Benefits of Your Sofar Solar Hybrid Inverter

  • Real-time precise MPPT algorithm for max power generation.
  • Wide input voltage operation range.
  • Independent dual MPPT tracking, flexible roof system design.
  • High efficiency low energy loss, low maintenance.
  • High frequency isolation between battery & PV/grid
  • Advanced battery management technology to protect the battery life.
  • Force charge option to store cheap rate energy in your battery
  • Optional UPS mode – keep the lights on in power cut! (Please advise us if you require this option)
  • Free site selection due to IP65
  • 4″ LCD clear, easy-to-read display
  • Full remote monitoring on phone (APP) & PC (Web)
Sofar Hybrid Inverters
Sofar Hybrid Inverters