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Battery Storage Solutions

4 kW Solar PV System Without Battery

  • Our Best Price
  • 4 kW Solar PV
  • 12 Year Warranty
  • 25 Years Performance Guarantee
  • Online Monitoring

£ 6165

Battery Storage Solutions

4 kW Solar PV System With Battery Package

  • 4 kW Solar PV
  • 25 Years Performance Guarantee
  • 5.2 kWh Battery
  • Online Monitoring
  • 12 Year Warranty

£ 8498

Battery Storage Solutions
Battery Storage Solutions
Battery Storage Solutions
Battery Storage Solutions

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Solar energy systems work by harnessing the power of the sun’s rays to generate electricity that can then be used in the home or commercial premises. However, what happens when the sun is not shining or is too weak to produce enough energy for your needs – for example during dull weather or at night? That’s where a solar battery storage system comes in, covering you for the periods when electricity generation dips and you need the reassurance of a solid back-up energy solution.







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What is the solar PV battery storage system?

Put simply, a solar battery enables you to carry on powering your home using solar power generated electricity around the clock. If you do not have a solar panel battery storage solution installed, any excess electricity generated during the day will be sent to the National Grid. Installing a solar battery means that you can keep this extra electricity and use it when your panels are no longer able to work to their optimum levels.

Why do you need an energy storage system?

As well as giving you a valuable option for storing excess energy, a solar panel and battery system allows you to enjoy lower energy bills and to reduce your reliance on the National Grid at times when you cannot use your solar PV panels to produce electricity, such as after dark. Battery storage systems for homes also help you to play your part in sustainable living and reducing your carbon footprint over the longer term.

How much will PV battery storage save in terms of mains electricity?

As with any system of this type, the precise amount of both money and mains electricity usage that you will be able to save will vary from customer to customer. It will depend on how much electricity you were using prior to having a solar battery installed, and how much you can generate with your PV panels and home battery storage in place. Your energy provider or solar power installation company should be able to help you make more accurate calculations.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Solar power systems help you to reduce your carbon footprint by using the renewable energy from the sun to generate electricity, eliminating, or reducing the need for fossil fuels. Being able to store excess electricity for later use is also great way to be more carbon responsible, as you can be far more self-sufficient when it comes to your energy, rather than needing to use national resources that rely on non-renewable methods of energy production.

Long-lasting batteries with comprehensive warranty programme

It is important when thinking about having solar battery storage installed to choose a company that can offer systems that are durable to provide a longer working life, as well as one that comes with a comprehensive warranty for five or ten years or more. This will protect you in the event of a malfunction and give you peace of mind that any faulty parts will be repaired, so long as the circumstances in which they are not working fall under the terms of the warranty.

Built-in battery management system

You can choose to have a built-in battery management system for greater efficiency and a more pleasing aesthetic. Whether you are installing the whole solar power system all in one go, or are adding the battery storage element to it as an extra feature, a built-in system will provide you with everything you need to start storing your surplus energy for future use.

Reduce your energy bills

The figures are clear. Installing a domestic battery storage system will have a very real impact on your energy bills over time, as your reliance on the National Grid will lessen significantly. As you become accustomed to life with solar-powered electricity, you might also be able to switch your gas-supplied appliances, such as your oven or even your central heating and hot water system, to electric alternatives, potentially reducing your overall energy bills even further.

Monitor your PV battery storage anywhere in the world in real-time

Many PV battery storage systems come with software that enables you to keep track of their performance remotely via an app on your smart phone or tablet device. You can check in on the energy efficiency of your house or business from anywhere in the world for peace of mind and to help you monitor how much electricity is being generated by your solar PV panel system and then stored for future use while you are away.

Why you should choose UPS Solar for PV battery storage systems

UPS Solar has worked all over the UK to install and monitor solar PV systems and home battery storage solutions of all types and sizes. We can help you choose the right combination for your individual domestic or business needs and our expert engineering team will oversee the installation of your system from start to finish. We offer all our customers an initial, no-obligation consultation to discuss solar energy requirements and get the ball rolling on PV panel and solar battery storage installation.


This will depend entirely on the size and location of your home or commercial premises and the amount of energy you typically use. Larger battery storage systems will enable you to store more electricity, keeping you comfortably supplied into the evening and night.

Solar battery storage solutions are highly flexible and you can add additional storage capacity if you require it. Speak to your solar power engineer to find out what options are best for your circumstances.

USP Solar offers a range of battery storage solutions with different capacities to suit different home and commercial requirements. Our engineers will be able to give more precise facts and figures during your initial consultation.

Our engineers will strive to complete your installation as quickly as possible to minimise disruption and get your solar power system and battery generating and storing electricity as quickly as possible.

Prices of individual battery storage systems vary according to their capacity, the technology used inside them, their size and how many units you will need to power the whole building. Speak to UPS for a more precise idea of the costs involved for your chosen battery storage option.

Every kWh installed can potentially save your household a huge 3,000 pounds of carbon per year. This saving comes from reduced reliance on the National Grid and a lower amount of fossil fuels used to generate energy using non-renewable methods in the home.

Home solar battery systems can last anywhere from five to 15 years, so long as they are properly maintained and installed in a location that does not expose them to adverse conditions or extreme temperatures.

UPS Solar can provide a wide range of solar panel battery systems in a range of sizes and budgets to suit any home or business premises. We can advise you on the best options for your building and its energy requirements.

If you would like to speak to one of our dedicated team you can reach us on 0800 644 6887