Solar Panel System Repairs and Fault Finding

What can cause solar panels to stop working?

If you’re experiencing changes in your solar output or are concerned about the general health of your panels, get in touch with our team of professionals today! There are also some safe inspections you can perform to find the defective part before calling us. Try to inspect your roof and panels for obstructions, check the inverter, solar meter and breaker switches. If the fault is more discrete, our team can help identify and fix the issue in no time.

Common Faults in Solar include:

  • Delamination and internal corrosion: If the laminated component of the solar panels comes undone, moisture and air can penetrate the system and cause internal corrosion or rusting. This can affect the wiring and cause all sorts of electrical issues. Thus, rendering your PV system useless.
  • Micro-cracks: These are microscopic cracks in the panel that can grow over time due to weathering and/or careless transportation and installation. The bigger the cracks, the greater the inefficiency of the panel.
  • Hot spots on the panels: Hot spot heating occurs when there is disproportionate heating of a shaded single PV cell. This results in a large amount of energy from the other cells being dissipated in the faulty cell. Thus, degrading the solar panel and potentially leading to destructive effects, like glass cracking. 
  • PID effect: PID (potential induced degradation) can be simply described as solar panel aging, as this effect shortens the lifespan of the generator. Factors affecting PID are voltage and heat. The adverse effects from stray currents can inhibit the performance of the panel and degrade its efficiency.
  • Component damage – birds or rodents: Birds and other creatures can nest on and around your PV panels and significantly decrease the efficiency of your panels. Consider putting up mesh wires or something to deter pests from the area. 
  • Snail trail contamination: Another common problem with solar PV systems is snail trails. This is discoloration on the panels – usually a yellow or brown colour – that occurs after a few years. 
  • Failed inverter: A defect in your inverter can lead to great energy loss. This fault can occur through shoddy installation. The inverter is responsible for converting the ‘captured’ energy into usable electricity and supplying power to the power grid.
  • Insecure installation: Improper PV panel installation can prove to be very troublesome as it can cause a number of faults in power generation and output. Several factors influence the installation process and poor workmanship can fault the system. Make sure you hire a professional and reliable solar panel installer to limit the number of system issues in the future.
Solar Repair and Maintenance
Solar Repair and Maintenance
Solar Repair and Maintenance
Solar Repair and Maintenance

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Searching for a Solar Panel Repair Professional?

Maximise your solar panel performance today! UPS Solar provides bespoke PV system audits and maintenance all over the UK. A yearly servicing is the best, and most cost-effective, way to manage your system.

Need to find a solar repair professional? We are a company of fully qualified solar panel engineers who work round the clock to find solutions for your systems. Find a time suitable for you and let us know, so we can fix any faults with very little intrusion.







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Let Us Know – Solar Panel Faults You Are Facing

Solar panels are becoming a very popular alternative for green energy technology in the UK, and over the years have become increasingly reliable. However, there are still faults that arise in your panels that can diminish your electricity generation. Proper maintenance is needed to keep your panels running for decades and UPS Solar can provide just that with our range of services.

Why Choose Our Expert Solar Panel Repair Professionals?

We work nationwide to bring you the best solar panel installation and repair services. Whether it’s a busted inverter or your panels need bird-proofing – call us today and get a quote hassle-free!

Regular servicing can optimise electric output and our friendly team of experts can do just that. With our wealth of knowledge, we can sort out issues regardless of the type of system you have and leave you with an efficient generator once again.

You are guaranteed a hassle-free approach because we are dedicated to excellent customer experience.

Solar repair and maintenance

Why do you need regular maintenance for your solar panels?

Due to their very nature and requirement to have direct access to the sun, solar panels need to be placed on a suitable flat, outdoor surface that is exposed to the elements 24/7. This will inevitably cause the panels to be affected by adverse weather conditions, rapid temperature changes and general wear and tear. There is also the risk of elements of the system malfunctioning, or the panels themselves becoming danged through falling debris, vandalism or frost. Regular care and maintenance of solar panels will keep them in good working order and will remove any debris that poses a risk to their structural integrity and efficacy.

Why do you need a cleaning service for your solar panels?

Solar panel cleaning is extremely important too, as it keeps the panels free from any dirt or obstacles that could impede the sun’s rays from reaching the PV panels and starting the process of generating electricity. The solar power technology relies on the PV cells in each panel being exposed to as much sunlight as possible, rather than being obscured by dirt. Besides, cleaner panels will keep their overall appearance looking sharper and brighter.

Increase solar PV panel efficiency with our maintenance programme

The average expected lifespan of a solar panel is around 20 to 25 years. However, this can be significantly reduced if the panel is allowed to become damaged or excessively dirty due to a lack of maintenance. The cleaner your panels can remain, the more efficiently they will work. Engaging regular solar panel maintenance and cleaning service to keep your panels looking spick and span will be the best thing you can do to prolong their useful life, keep the panels safe and help them produce the maximum amounts of solar energy possible.

What’s included in our solar power maintenance programme?

UPS Solar operates a comprehensive maintenance programme for solar power systems anywhere in the UK, which includes a full inspection of the panels themselves, along with the inverters and battery storage systems. Call our team now to discuss our solar panel care provision in greater detail.

Solar system inspection and system maintenance

An integral part of your solar panel maintenance agreement is the routine inspection that keeps your system in good working order, identifying any damage or problems and putting solar panel system repairs into effect straight away. Regular inspections are a very important part of the maintenance of solar panels on rooftops for both domestic and commercial set-ups.

Electrical servicing for solar panels

Inspecting and maintaining the electrical elements of your solar panel system is also included in our comprehensive maintenance contract. After all, it’s no good having beautifully clean panels in good repair and positioned for optimum efficiency if the electrics that convert the solar power into energy are not functioning correctly.

Why you should choose UPS Solar for solar panel maintenance

USP Solar has many years’ solid experience in maintaining and cleaning solar panels across the UK. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they are satisfied with our services and that the commercial solar panel maintenance cost is worthy of the quality service we provide.

Get in touch today and schedule your maintenance

If your solar panel system needs a good clean, or you wish to set up a regular maintenance contract arrangement, give our solar panel customer care number a call to set up an appointment for our engineers to visit. We look forward to working with you soon.


Solar panels that are regularly serviced and cleaned can work up to 30% more efficiently than panels that are not routinely looked after or inspected. This makes regular servicing extremely important to ensure your panels remain safe, effective and in good working order.

Solar panel maintenance costs depend greatly on how often they are services and how comprehensive your servicing contract is. Prices will also vary depending on the number of panels you have installed and their location, as well as whether you have battery storage systems in place or other additional features.

UPS Solar recommends that you service your solar panels every six months to get the most benefit out of regular inspections and cleaning and to get any repair work that is necessary done sooner, rather than later.

A solar power maintenance contract normally covers a full, professional inspection of the panels themselves, plus the inverters, battery storage units and other key elements of the solar power system. The contract should also include a full cleaning service, with guidance and advice around keeping the system in good working order between maintenance visits.

If you would like to speak to one of our dedicated team you can reach us on 0800 644 6887