Is your roof a sleeping giant? Unleash its Cash-Generating potential with Solar Energy

solar roof panels

The benefits of installing solar panels on your roof are multiple. From cost savings on energy bills to living a more sustainable life, the reasons to switch to renewable energy are compelling indeed. We all take for granted the important job that a roof does in keeping us and our home or business dry, sheltered and safe from the elements. However, the trusty roof can also supply us with another of life’s essentials: potential to make money. It is simple to create a cash-generating roof; simply tap into its solar energy benefits.

Why install solar panels on your roof ?

The benefits of installing solar panels are well proven and have inspired many, many households and business to take the plunge in recent years. For a start, the move can help you lead a more sustainable life. It makes it straightforward to switch from fossil fuels and finite resources to renewable, low-carbon solar energy for powering your property. There are cost benefits too, as your energy bills will decrease as you lessen your reliance on the National Grid for electricity. As more people turn to renewable energy, already having solar roof potential in place can also help keep house prices higher when it comes to selling your property.

How lucrative is solar roof potential ?

After paying the initial installation costs, you will be able to generate free electricity from solar panels on the roof. Thijs not only reduces bills, but could also give the possibility of selling any surplus electricity to the National Grid. Installing a solar battery alongside the solar panels on your roof allows you to store electricity for use after the sun has set, or on duller days. Solar panel servicing costs are normally minimal, which means that there are no major financial commitments when it comes to ongoing maintenance. You could also use the electricity generated to power other sustainable living solutions, including irrigation and electric vehicles. This will again save money on energy bills.

How can you tell if your roof is suitable for solar panels ?

There are several factors associated with deciding whether a roof is suitable for solar energy benefits. It must be big enough – for a small 3kW system with eight to ten panels, you will need around 20-25m2. Knowing which direction your roof faces and how much shade it receives is also important information. This indicates how long the sun will shine directly onto the panels and generate electricity. A south-facing roof is the ideal set-up for solar panels. Solar energy systems can work well on east and west-facing roofs too. However, north-facing roofs are more problematic, due to the lack of prolonged exposure to the sun they receive.

Can I put solar panels on a flat roof ?

Yes, this is possible, however solar energy panels work best when positioned at an angle. You can tilt them up so that they are still on the flat roof, but angled to make the most of sunlight streaming down. Ask your solar panel provider about options for maximising performance of solar panels on a flat roof. Make sure the flat roof is strong enough to take the extra weight of solar panels, plus any tilting mechanisms you may need. Cleaning may be harder without tilting the panels too, as rainwater will not slide downwards quite so easily as it would on an angled roof. You can also install solar panels next to a flat roof on the ground, using a suitable frame. However, these can be more prone to damage as they are not kept ‘out of the way’ of people and animals as they would be on a rooftop.

How can you protect your investment in a cash-generating roof ?

As with any investment that you have made in the hope to make money back, protecting a cash-generating roof is very important. Before solar panels are installed, have an expert check out the condition of your roof and carry out any necessary repairs. This will help keep the panels in place and operational without compromising the roof itself. Arrange regular servicing – many solar panel installers offer annual plans and other maintenance provisions to help keep the system generating energy and money.

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