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We install solar panels and battery storage solutions nationwide, with teams situated around the country. We are never too far away and can offer a local personal service.

Solar Panels for Home
Solar Panels for Home
Solar Panels for Home
Solar Panels for Home

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Best performing UK solar panels

Solar power is increasing in popularity across the UK. This is great news for those seeking to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle and get their energy from renewable sources, such as solar power. UPS Solar works with households across the country to help them identify the right system for their requirements and to choose from the best. As more and more of us recognise the many benefits of installing solar panels in our homes, renewable energy companies invest more time and money to offer high-performing systems. Making the most out of the energy being harnessed from the sun.







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Choose from the best solar systems

Leading brands such as Tesla, Samsung, and EDF are among the top companies branching out into solar panel manufacturing. Make sure to do careful research into your shortlisted systems to ensure that the size, capacity, configuration and technology are all the best possible fit for your electricity generation needs. You can enjoy lower energy bills, a more sustainable way of living and easy system maintenance once you make the switch away from more traditional, fossil-fuel-based energy provision.

Eco-friendly alternative to traditional electricity

Solar power is one of a range of renewable energy generation methods that offer an eco-friendly alternative to relying on the National Grid or other finite fuel-based sources. Power your business or home the environmentally-friendly way and play your part in the global fight to mitigate against the effects of climate change and global warming. This move can inspire the whole family to do more to protect the environment and add to a business’s green credentials in a highly practical and meaningful way. Is it time for your business to move away from coal, oil or gas-based energy provision?

Benefits of solar panels for home

There are many benefits to switching to solar power at home. For a start, many people enjoy lower energy bills due to the lessened reliance on the National Grid for electricity. Adding a solar battery to the system enables any surplus electricity generated by the solar panels to be stored for future use. This means that the household can continue to use solar-generated electricity when the sun is not shining, such as during cloudy weather or at night. Using renewable energy sources also helps families to reduce their carbon footprint and cut down on their reliance on finite fossil fuels.

Why should you switch to solar energy?

Working to reduce our impact on fossil fuels is a huge step in the right direction to mitigate the effects of climate change and global warming. Making the switch allows your household to do its bit to preserve remaining fossil fuel stocks and make the most instead of infinite, renewable energy sources like the sun. It also helps to reduce energy bills and offers an easy-to-install, low maintenance method of generating electricity at home.

Are solar panels worth the investment?

Choosing the right solar panel system for your home will reap financial rewards over the long term. It can help reduce reliance on the National Grid and lower energy bills. The panels and associated equipment are easy to install and maintain, leading to cheaper repair costs further down the line. Installing a solar power system can also help add value to a property when the time comes for it to be sold. Contact UPS Solar for a no-obligation consultation for advice and support in finding the best system at the most competitive price.

Solar panels in the UK

UPS Solar teams are available to fit your domestic or commercial solar panels in multiple locations across the UK. We advise domestic and commercial customers on the best locations for their solar panels, as well as the likely return on investment in terms of utility bill savings and the amount of energy generated for use and future storage.

We offer a straightforward quotation with no hidden costs, a full guarantee, and thoroughly explained aspects. Wherever you are based, we can come to you and show you close up the many benefits of installing PV solar panels this summer.

Ready to speak to our experts?

Have you always intended to switch to solar power for your business or UK home but didn’t know where to start? Let us help you make the first move. Our friendly team can advise you on the best system to invest in and oversee its installation and ongoing servicing and maintenance. Call us now, wherever you are in the country.

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