More and more of us are embracing the many benefits of green energy, taking advantage of the planet’s natural, infinite resources to power our businesses and homes. Solar energy, in particular, is growing in popularity, with the installation process for photovoltaic panels in a domestic or commercial setting both straightforward and competitively priced.

Looking for affordable solar panels in Blackburn?

Recent events have left many households and businesses worse off financially and we are all feeling the effects of the extraordinary events of the past few months. If you are interested in greener energy solutions and are looking for affordable solar panels installer in Blackburn, UPS Solar would like to hear from you; our prices are competitive and our work top quality.

Our experts can talk through a suitable solar panel package for you that will fit with your budget and help you start making significant savings on your energy bills, which will be very welcome indeed as the country works to get back onto its feet once more.

Why should you choose UPS Solar?

UPS Solar has many years’ experience installing solar PV panels onto homes and commercial premises, such as schools and business buildings in Blackburn and the surrounding area. We are committed to promoting and enabling the transition to a low or even zero-carbon lifestyle and believe that solar panels play a large part in achieving this goal.

We fit, maintain and advise on solar panels system, as well as environmentally friendly energy storage systems and off-grid systems. We also offer a retrofitting service to bring existing solar energy systems fully up to date with the latest photovoltaic array technology and PV modules.

Our installers use the most up-to-date equipment and tools to ensure a great job, aligned with our teams’ undisputed skills and knowledge base. We design solutions that will last for decades, representing significant long-term savings on electricity costs, both at home and at work.

We install domestic solar PV panels

Homes across the UK can benefit hugely from having solar panels installed on a roof or flat surface that gets good exposure to sunlight. Not only can householders see dramatic reductions in their energy bills, any additional energy that is created but not used straight away can be stored for use later, for example, at night. This reduces their reliance on the National Grid and lowers the household’s carbon footprint.

UPS Solar can design, fit and maintain domestic solar panels UK wide, introducing an energy system to suit a household budget and integrate seamlessly into any existing power or electrical supply solutions. Our expert will arrange an appointment to talk through the various options before any final commitments or decisions need to be made.

What are photovoltaic panels?

Solar power works through a series of photovoltaic panels that are installed on a roof or alternative flat surface that has good exposure to sunlight. Each panel has a series of photovoltaic cells that are all connected together across the entire surface. When the sun shines directly onto these cells, an electric field is produced that can then be converted into electricity and used to power a business or home, with any surplus energy stored for future use.

Commercial solar panels in Blackburn

Businesses are waking up to the advantages of solar energy too, with UPS Solar fitting several PV panels complete with multiple PV cells to commercial premises across Blackburn and beyond in recent years.

While investing in a brand-new energy system may not go automatically to the top of a company’s budget priority list, especially in these more troubling financial times, it really should be considered very seriously. Once the initial outlay has been covered, the cost-savings on energy bills will be significant and will make a huge difference to the bottom line in the longer term.

4 kW solar PV systems with or without a battery

UPS Solar can install a wide range of solar power PV panel solutions, including a 4kW solar PV system with battery package that combines solar power conversion with top quality battery power for effective long-term energy storage. Alternatively, there is the option to purchase the 4kW solar PV system without battery for households or businesses that do not require such a powerful energy storage solution.

Solar panels in Blackburn

UPS Solar doesn’t just cover Blackburn, teams are available to travel across Lancashire and beyond. We know the area like the backs of our hands and can advise domestic and commercial customers on the best locations for their solar panels, as well as the likely return on investment in terms of utility bill savings and amount of energy generated for use and future storage.

We offer a straightforward quotation with no hidden costs, a full guarantee and all aspects fully explained. Wherever you are based in Blackburn or Lancashire, we can come to you and show you close up the many benefits of installing PV solar panels, Blackburn based or otherwise.

Ready to speak to our experts?

If you live in Blackburn, Lancashire or the surrounding areas and are interested in finding out more about solar panels and renewable energy, give UPS Solar a call. One of our experts will arrange a no-obligation, initial consultation to get the ball rolling on your domestic or commercial solar panel installation. Contact us now to see how best we can help.

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